Liquid Grave

May 22, 2018


One of the main characters in my book is a musician. This is part of a song he wrote... 


Your little light, oh, so bright

Filled the sky in my head with angel light

But, you killed the light, took it right out my head

When you let the devil dance in our bed


‘N he tries, but he can’t dance ‘round my head

‘Cause I killed the devil, I killed him dead

Now he’s lyin’ in a liquid grave

‘N I sing, Glory Hallelujah, my soul got saved!


When your daddy racked his fuckin’ gun

If he’d shot the guilty, you’d been the one

You shake the dice when lights go out

You’re the girl mamas warn their sons about


Oh, the years were long, but that talk short

Just the sound of wood under foot when you walked out

You gave the devil his due, now he pays rent to you

So, go ahead honey, spend the devil’s loot


(the song continues...)


Breathing In Water is in the editing stage right now. Hopefully the book will be published by the end of the year. Thanks for subscribing to get updates. I'll keep you posted on the publishing date. 


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