About Gracie West

I sprung up in the dirt of northern California and have lived in major cities around the U.S. My husband and I are raising our two kids in Oregon because it looks and smells like home.

I was raised in a conservative Christian home but converted to liberalism and feminism in college (standard protocol), but 15 years later I saw the light. A degree in Women's studies isn't so much an education as it is an indoctrination. I call myself a progressive apostate. All the years I was a progressive feminist I lived like a conservative Christian, married with kids and staying married through the hard times. Coming out of liberalism has filled the gap between my mind and my actions. No more cognitive dissonance for me. 


This year I will publish a book called Breathing In Water, which is a red-pill fiction novel.  When I sat down to write, I was trying to figure out how someone could hold different views from my own, and I really needed to know this because I was the process of being red-pilled. I thought the best way to figure this out was to put opposing views into conversation with each other, so that's what I did with my main characters -- River (a liberal feminist) and Luke (a conservative southern white man). They made me laugh as they bantered back and forth in my mind and also on the pages of the book that I wrote. (Subscribe to get updates on when it gets published.)

What I love besides writing: photography, gardening, dancing and people-watching. When I watch people, I imagine all of the tragedies and joys that make up their story. Everyone is a walking, breathing story.

Here's how I know I've succeeded as a writer, when you found yourself in the story that I've told. 

I look forward to letting you know when it's published!